Web Design

Initially, I didn’t plan to have web design listed as one of my skill sets, for being a Graphic Designer, but going through school and completing my own website, I realized a well constructed and put together website is an integral part of a business.

On the other hand, everyone browses the web and has experienced firsthand what a good website can do, and well…a not so good can do for the integrity of business; it can make or break a business.

This is one example of a project I completed at the Centre for Arts and Technology; a mobile-based app for selling skincare and beauty products. As these examples listed are only a fraction of what goes into designing a website, it gives you a good idea of what it will look like before the design goes live!

This project was for my UX course at the Centre for Arts and Technology; this app was designed for users who own cars, motorcycles, electric bikes, and or scooters or for people who love to cruise but can’t decide on where to go.
‘Cruz2’ was the name, and its main purpose is to find roads to cruise down and help pick a destination from your current location; it can tell you how long it will take, based on speed limits of the road, how heavy traffic is if there is any accidents, and pit stops or landmarks to visit along the way.

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