branding & testimonials

“The company was originally established in 1979 by Theo and Anne Roth under the name T & A Drilling and Blasting. The current owner, Mr. Michael Witham, purchased the company in 1991. In 2013 the company was re-incorporated as T & A Rock Works Inc. due to the demand for slope stabilization services within the Okanagan Valley.

Michael has owned T & A Rock Works Inc. for the past three decades creating a strong reputation for the company all over North America. He is a long-withstanding member of the ISEE (International Society of Explosive Engineers) having been involved with the organization for 20+ years. He has extensive experience in underground mining, construction, and quarrying. He graduated from Okanagan College in May of 1981 with a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma. His education and extensive experience qualify him to manage any project within the scope of the services offered by T & A. “

T&A had gotten designs for their T-Shirts from another designer, but unfortunately, they were not up to standard for the company. In addition, they needed designs that associated companies will wear.

I had seen the old design of the T-Shirts and knew T&A was in desperate need of new designs! Michael wanted a design of each service they offer; Driller, Blasters, Scaling, and Excavation. Without having a clear vision of what exactly they wanted; they put a lot of trust in me to come up with some from scratch. After reviewing the designs and making a few revisions, T&A and Michael were very pleased this these designs!