Tips for taking photos


Want to know how to take professional-looking photos? Here are some useful tips to help make your photos look more polished.

Begginers guide to good photos! Here are the basics;
  1. Focal Point – this is main point of interest in your photo, anything from a person to a tree; finding focal point is the most important fundamental step in taking professional photos. So essentially, what do you want the viewer to focus on and make it as strong as it can be so it retains attention.
  2. Perspective – this can immensely change the composition of your photo, by changing lighting, angle (shooting above or below) or distance. Take your time to observe your surroundings and check is interesting angles.
  3. Lighting – lighting is something inexperienced photographers often overlook, if theres too much light the photo looks blown up and over exposed, if there is not enough lighting, the camera may struggle to capture any detail in the frame and so will your viewer. So check your ISO, your aperture and shutter speed. And photoshop or lightroom can help perfect an image if you have to make any adjustments.
  4. Depth – another important rule you should never ignore or your photos will look flat and boring; so foreground, middleground and background.
  5. Rule of Thirds – this rule simply states you should place your most important element off centre, so vertically and horizontally divide your frame into thirds; so find your balance between your main subject and background.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! Go out and experiement, and have fun!

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