How & Where it all Started

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My Mission

To create thought-provoking designs; I tell stories through my work. By using all available design and marketing resources to showcase my work to the world. Applying all my technical and artistic abilities into every piece of work; because who doesn’t love seeing ideas come to life.

Revolution9 specializes in photography, videography, branding, marketing, illustration, graphic & digital design; all to help you create and achieve your ideal brand image.

”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill

Connecting the Dots

A little throwback

While going through high school, I discovered I had a passion for art and automotive; it never felt like a task, never something I dreaded doing unlike science and social studies. I could spend hours working on a canvas or my cars. But until recently, I never figured out how I could combine these two passions into a career where I could do both! I was always told it’s either one or the other.

At first, I thought, ‘why not go to business school? Get a diploma in marketing, which for sure will open up some doors. Maybe I can work at a dealership!’ Nope, after my dreams were crushed and I couldn’t find my ideal job, I settled for less, not pursuing my passions and working a job that didn’t incorporate anything that I loved in life. I had hit a hard, deep, and disappointing rut; mainly disappointed in myself for thinking I didn’t try hard enough or I wasn’t good enough for the career I had in mind.

about page
about page

Fast forward to present

After Covid19 hit; I had an epiphany! What about graphic design? I contacted five different schools with the same program till I found one that was close to home. Learning about all the different kinds of design programs and all the avenues of opportunity I have, I thought ‘ this is it!’ I can create works of art! with cars! Being photoshop or photography and even videos! There was the occasion where I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but once I was up and over that hill I felt amazing! I met people who motivated and inspired me and most importantly believed in me and what I can do. Failure is critical for success, I am constantly learning, growing, creating connections, realizing my full potential, and pushing myself to be better.
Like Cinderella said, “Dreams really do come true.”

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From Photography, Videography, Branding, Marketing, Illustration, Graphic and Digital Design; I’m your gal! Let’s work together to develop and explore brand opportunities!

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